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Got A Puppy?
A puppy's coat is quite different to an adult's. It may be softer, fluffier, and shorter, but it's still important to get your pup used to being groomed, even if it doesn't actually need it much yet. If your dog gets into the routine of being handled, and learns to enjoy it, grooming will be much easier in the future.
Grooming your puppy:

  • Make sure you have the correct comb and brushes for your dog’s coat. (We can advise!)
  • Get your puppy to sit on your lap, have a quick cuddle and gently start to brush/comb
  • Give praise in a quiet, soothing tone of voice, for being good.
  • After just two minutes, stop brushing and offer a treat.
  • Repeat several times a day, gradually increasing the length of brushing time.
  • If your puppy attempts to bite or play with the brush/comb, turn away but without letting go. Puppies soon learn that naughty behaviour will lose your attention.
  • After about five days, once your puppy is familiar with the sensation, start to groom the belly, tail, ears and other sensitive areas. Be extra gentle, and keep the initial sessions short and enjoyable.
  • Touch the feet and examine the nails and toes.
  • Look inside the ears and gently open the mouth.
  • After a couple of weeks, once puppies have learned the routine, switch grooming to a table/worktop/somewhere off the floor.
  • This programme ensures your dog gets used to being handled and will hopefully make the transition to professional grooming much easier. Always end a session with a treat and a game.
  • Once your puppy has had its injections it is advisable to book in for a ‘Puppy Love’ Spa Experience (See our ‘Services' page!) If your puppy is happy this initial session we can then discuss your pup’s needs and how best to proceed. At Paws and Relax we strongly believe when it comes to introducing a puppy to professional grooming that small steps need to be taken, building up to a full groom over a period of time. This could take months or just a couple of appointments, but however long it takes will depend on the puppy, how it responds to being groomed and the grooming it receives at home. We feel the whole experience needs to be a positive one and something your puppy enjoys.If you have a puppy and want to discuss its grooming needs/the correct brushes/combs to use please give us a call!