Paws and Relax Professional Dog Grooming - Bespoke Styling for yor Dog

Spa Packages - Which one will you choose?  

These are just three of the packages we offer and are included as part of the groom price!

 Smother Me In Silk

- An aromatherapy bath using Silk extract Shampoo to cleanse the coat. 

- A Blueberry Facial to exfoliate the face and cleanse the ear area. Ear plucking if required. 
- Followed by a deep coat conditioner to smooth out any tangled fur.
- Hand-dried until soft & silky.

- Custom Styling to your requirements

- A Paw-dicure to keep nails looking neat and trim.
The final flourish! – A spritz of doggy cologne! Why not choose one as your dog’s signature scent?
We have sparkles too for that special touch!
Paws & Relax Signature
Our most popular package starts with a gentle soaking in lavender aromatherapy shampoo which soothes away any nerves or tension and relaxes your dog.

- A Blueberry facial to exfoliate the face and helps to lessen any tear staining. Ears plucked if necessary.

- This is followed by a full body massage in a rich and luxurious balsam conditioner best suited for your dog’s fur.

- Dried by hand allows your furry baby to unwind further leaving them tangle-free.

- Custom styled to make the most of every appealing feature.

- In the essential Paw-dicure nails are trimmed and paws cleaned out to leave your dog feeling footloose and walking on air!

- Finally, your furry friend is wrapped in doggy cologne and showered with sparkles if you require.
Smoothie Spa Experience (Bath & Brush only)
For those that need a freshen up! 

This spa experience is ideal to keep fur in tip top condition in between full grooms or for dogs that don’t require trimming.
- An aromatherapy bath and massage using essential oil extract shampoo best suited to your dog’s coat.

- A blueberry facial scrub to brighten the face and eyes and ears cleanse.

- Hand dried and brush and comb out

- A pawdicure leaving feet looking trim.

- Finally a leave-in conditioner to leave coat glowing and a spritz of doggy cologne!